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The North Ameerican Handshakers Net

The International Prayer & Fellowship Net is a Net where you can present your prayer requests, say a prayer for someone else, give a praise report, or discuss Bible topics. the IPFN is on Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 AM, Eastern Time and 8:30 AM Pacific Time. Come on along, join us, and be blessed! The IPFN is on the Great Lakes Reflector (9617) and on Echolink is located on the *Michigan* conference (96170). We look forward to seeing you on the IPFN!!



     Keith D. Hardin, K8KMS
      Founder & Net Control

The World Friendship Net


Thanks for your interest in mentioning the WFN on your site. The *WORLD* Friendship Net meets Monday through Friday at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific time on the *WORLD* Conference server and IRLP node 9251. The motto on our website is “Spreading friendship and goodwill across the globe through Amateur Radio and the Internet. There is a different NCS every night.

The WFN is a continuation of what was the Amateurs4Echolink Phone net, started by Dave KI4POO. When he discontinued the net due to family responsibilities, the rest of us decided to continue the net under a different name. Since we were on the *WORLD* server and it is a friendship net, we called it the *WORLD* Friendship net. We kept most of the same net controllers, set up a new web site and Facebook page, and have had good success thus far. We have a certificate program for 10 check-ins, and the site has a guestbook and chat.

By the way, feel free to put a link to the chat on your site and use it for your net. It was set up by the folks at the *DODROPIN* server. They connect to us on Wednesday and Friday, and we join their net on Saturday. The chat page is at It is much better than the Echolink text box and you can share online pics and URLS there as well.

The site doesn’t have much in the way of photos yet but I think I will be adding some soon.
God bless & 73 de Mike W1MWB